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I. Choose the best answer.

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1. The music festival this year is as good ……….it was last year.A. As

B. FromC. ThatD. The same

2. My friend likes photography, and I lượt thích it………..A. Neither

B. EitherC. TooD. So

3. This camera is not as expensive ……….. I thought at first.A. From

B. ThatC. The sameD. As

D. The same as

5. My mother doesn’t enjoy horror films, and my sister doesn’t……….A. Neither

B. EitherC. TooD. So

6. You can see many interesting portraits in that ………A. Artist

B. SungC. Art galleryD. Films

7. Many tourists lớn Viet phái mạnh come khổng lồ see the water ……… show.A. Puppet

B. InstrumentC. SingerD. Painter

B. InstrumentC. SingerD. Painter

10. Someone say that Spiderman 2 is as boring ……… Spiderman 1.A. As

B. FromC. ThatD. The same

11. I was not allowed to lớn go khổng lồ the show, and my classmates were not …………A. Neither

B. EitherC. TooD. So

A. Pham TuyenB. Van CaoC. Huy ThucD. Tran Tien

13. How about ………. To lớn the cinema?A. Go

B. To lớn goC. GoingD. Went

II. Read the passage & choose the correct answer lớn eachquestion below.

Charlie Chaplin was an English actor, director, producer, & composer. He is known asthe most creative person of the silent-film era. Charlie Chaplin’s portrayal of the trampwon the hearts of people all over the world.

Chaplin was born in London on the 16th of April, 1889. He spent his childhood inpoverty và hardship. In 1910 he began lớn perform pantomime in the United States. Hefirst appeared on screen in 1914. He created his world-famous character, the Tramp, andhe played this classic role in more than 70 films during his career. He also composedbackground music for most of his films. In 1972 Chaplin received an Honorary AcademyAward for “the incalculable effect he has had in making motion pictures the art form ofthis century”. Chaplin died on the 25th of December, 1977, at his home in Switzerland.1. In 1910 he began lớn perform pantomime in………..

B. LondonC. Switzerland

2. When did he start appearing in films?A. In 1910

B. In 1914C. In 1972

3. In about how many films did he play the Tramp?A. Seventy

B. Seventeen
C. Twenty-five

4. Which of the following is NOT true?A. Charlie Chaplin was an English artist.B. He played classical music.

C. He received an award in 1972.

III. Rewrite these sentences, using the words in brackets.1. The painting is bigger than the photograph.( not as……as)


2. This painting is more expensive than my painting.( not as……..as)……….


4. This film is more interesting than the one we saw last week. (not as………as)………..

5. The journey was shorter than we thought at first.( not as……….as)………


I. Choose the best answer.1 - A; 2 - C; 3 - D; 4 - B; 5 - B; 6 - C; 7 - A;8 - B; 9 - C; 10 - A; 11 - B; 12 - B; 13 - C;

II. Read the passage và choose the correct answer to eachquestion below.

1 - A; 2 - B; 3 - A; 4 - B;

III. Rewrite these sentences, using the words in brackets.

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1 - The photograph is not as big as the painting.

2 - My painting is not as expensive as this painting.

3 - The picture in our room is not different from this picture. 4 - The film we saw last week is not as interesting as this film. 5 - The journey is not as long as we thought at first.