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bài bác 1: Viết lại câu làm thế nào cho nghĩa ko đổi1. Although he took a taxi, Bill still arrived late for the concert.In spite 2. Inspite of his age, Mr.Benson runs four miles before breakfast.Although 3. Because of the rough sea (biển động), the ferry couldn’t sail.Because 4. Although he had a good salary, he was unhappy in his life.In spite 5. There were a lot of accidents because of the icy roads.Because 6. Although his book was successful, he decided not khổng lồ write any more.In spite 7. In spite of his suffering from a bad cold, William still went to school.Although 8. We postponed our holiday because the weather was badBecause of 9. He had lớn give up his work because his daughter was illBecause of 10.Although it rained a lot, we enjoyed our holiday.In spite of 11.I didn't get the job although I had all the necessary qualifications.Despite 12.In spite of the rain, we enjoyed our holidayAlthough 13.Although the traffic was bad, I arrived on timeDespite 14.I couldn’t sleep although I was very tiredIn spite of 15.Despite our careful plan, a lot of things went wrongAlthough
16.She accepted the job because its salary was very highBecause of 17.Despite my warning, they went ahead with their plan.Although 18.They went swimming in spite of the coldness of the water.Although 19.In spite of being bad at pool, she beat him three times in a row.Although 20.Although he had enough money, he refused khổng lồ buy a new car.In spite of bài bác 2: Chọn câu trả lời đúng1. In spite _______, the baseball trò chơi was not cancelled.a. The rain b. Of the rain c. It was raining d. There was a rain2. _______ he had enough money, he refused to buy a new car.a. In spite b. In spite of c. Despite d. Although3. _______, he walked lớn the station.a. Despite being tired b. Although to be tiredc. In spite being tired d. Despite tired4. The children slept well, despite _______.a. It was noise b. The noise c. Of the noise d. Noisy5. She left him _______ she still loved him.a. Even if b. Even though c. In spite of d. Despite6. _______ her lack of hard work, she was promoted. A. In spite b. Even though c. In spite of d. Despite of 7. _______ they are brothers, they bởi not look like.a. Although b. Even c. Despite d. In spite of8. Our new neighbors are quite nice _______ they are sometimes talkative.a. Despite b. In spite of the fact c. Though d. As though9. _______ of the difficulty, they managed lớn climb khổng lồ the đứng top of the mountain.a. In spite b. Despite c. But d. Although
10.In spite of his hard work , he could not finish the job.a. As hard as he work b. Despite he worked hardc. Though he worked hard d. Although hard work11.Despite _______, we knew that he was guilty.a. Denied b. Denying c. He denied d. His denial12.Julie failed the exam _______ of working very hard.a. Despite b. In spite c. Even if d. Though13.Tom went to work despite _______.a. That he did not feel very well b. Of the fact not feeling wellc. He did not feel very well d. Not feeling very well14.Though _______, they are good friends. A. Their sometimes quarrel b. To have a quarrel sometimesc. They sometimes have a quarrel d. Of having a quarrel sometimes15.Despite _______, we arrived on time.a. The traffic b. Of the trafficc. There was heavy traffic d. Of there was heavy traffic16.____________ we live on the same street, we hard ever see each othera. Because of b. Because c. Although d. Despite17.Rice grows well here ______________ the warm and wet climatea. Because of b. Because c. Although d. In spite of 18.The meeting had been cancelled ___________ the chairman’s absencea.because b.because of c.despite d. Although19. ____________ the storm warnings, we did not go out last night.a. Since b. In spite of c. Because of d. The result20. We decided to eat out _______________ the weather was bad a. Despite b. Although c.because d. Whether21. ___________ all my warnings, he tried lớn fix the computer himself.a. Although b. In spite of c. Because d. Instead of22. The goods were never delivered______________ the promise we had received.a. Although b. In spite of c. Because d. Because of
23.My mother is always complaining _____________the untidiness of my room.a. In spite of b. Because c. Because of d. Although

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