How vị I obtain a tài khoản to register for courses as a new student?

To get started, you will need lớn submit a SAAR. Please use the New Student Job-Aid for assistance in obtaining an account.

I am a current/returning student & would lượt thích guidance on how lớn register for a course on the Virtual Campus.

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Follow the guidance below to lớn register for an Online Training Course:

1. Login khổng lồ the Virtual Campus. 2. Mouse over the Learning thực đơn at the top & select Learning Search.3. You may use the Filters on the left to search for a course.Note: You may also type the name of the course in the Search for Learning box.4. After locating your course, select the course title. 5. On the next page, the Open Curriculum button will be listed if this is your first enrollment in the course.

NOTE: If you have previously completed the course, you will see one of two options.Option 1: Request button - select the button to lớn access the course.Option 2: View Certificate button - select the down arrow next to lớn View Certificate & choose Register.

6. Thereafter, you will be redirected khổng lồ your Active Transcript where you can start the course.

Why am I unable lớn locate training offered by FAI or HHS when searching in the Virtual Campus? I cannot find courses such as FCN, FCR, FCL, or FPN.

Training offered by FAI & HHS may be restricted. If you are unable to locate a course in the Virtual Campus offered by FAI or HHS after logging into your account, please đánh giá your Student Profile. Your student profile must reflect you work for a Federal Organization in order to lớn have access khổng lồ your agency"s content.

I am unable to lớn locate FAC047 in the Virtual Campus. Is this course still available or has it been replaced by another course?

Please be advised that FAC047 (Micro-purchases & Section 508 Requirements) has been retired from Students may complete this course at CLPs will not automatically be credited after completing the course. Students will have to request the points be manually added by contacting their Acquisition Career Manager.

Do I register for Resident/Classroom training in the Virtual Campus?

No - You will need lớn access your agency-specific site khổng lồ register for resident/classroom courses. For assistance submitting an application on your agency"s website, please contact your Registrar. **ALERT** You MUST manually update your profile within if you made ANY CHANGES when applying for a Classroom/VILT course. Please follow the information on the Student Profile Guidance page for assistance in making the necessary changes.

Please be advised that access to lớn the DoD Organization registration sites require you to lớn be on a .MIL domain & you must have a DoD Common Access card (CAC).

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NOTE khổng lồ EMPLOYEES - Use the guidance below to lớn access the DATMS Registration Portal while on the Network. Access DATMS Instructions

How do I cancel my resident/classroom course reservation?

If you are not able to attend your class, you must officially cancel your reservation through the agency-specific site you used to apply. has no user rights to lớn cancel your seat in a class. If you don"t cancel your application, your status will be marked as "no show" và you will incur any academic penalty mandated by your Registrar.