FINA 362 Business Finance

Professional Excellence

Ph.D in Business (Finance), Auburn University, 2021Master of Business (Banking and Finance), Monash University, Australia, 2010Bachelor of Economics (Accounting) National Economics University, Vietnam, 2004Professional experience: Economics Analyst at Deposit Insurance of Vietnam (government agency) (2005-2011)


Nguyen N., Barth, J. 2017. Community Banks vs. Non-Community Banks: Where is the Advantage in Local Small Business Funding?Atlantic Economic Journal, 48(2), 161-174 (July 2020).

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Nguyen, N., Barth, J.R., Hartarska, V., Hilliard, J. Financial Literacy và Use of Financial Services by US Households.Handbook of Microfinance, Financial Inclusion and Development. Edited by Hartarska, V., Cull, Edward Elgar Publishing. Forthcoming 2021.

Working paper: Brick-and-Mortar or Digital? The Impact of công nghệ on bank Branching & Financial Inclusion.

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Working paper: Nguyen, N., Barth, J.R., Hartarska, V., Hilliard, J. How Differences in Financial Literacy Affect the Household Choice & Use of Financial Institutions và Services.


Banking, Financial Inclusion, Banking Regulation


The Clayton Homes Award for Excellence Ph.D. Candidate in Finance (January 2021)The Raymond J. Harbert College of Business Award for Poster Presentation at the 2020 AuburnUniversity Student Research Symposium (May 2020)Selected as an Emerging Scholar2019 Community Banking in the 21st Century Research và Policy ConferenceThe Federal Reserve of St. Louis (October 2019)Foreign Trade University President’s Award for Excellence in Supervising Students in Research (May 2013)Australian Development Scholarship for Postgraduate Education in Australian Institutions (January 2009)

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