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plan on

The secret is to plan in advance.

Further expansion is planned in the future.

Excursions lượt thích these needed to be planned in advance.

The local action group was set up to oppose Marine Harvest expansion plans in Bantry Bay.

Both the Cairo và Benghazi attacks were planned in advance — there is already proof of that.

From the perspective of placing stories, features are a dream, và many are planned in advance.

Question here is if the whole matter has been well planned in the first place, why was it not mentioned in the MEB.

Here visitors can explore some of the more technical issues involved in planning in an intuitive and engaging way.

Anderson formerly served as acting assistant secretary for policy and planning in the Department of Veterans Affairs.

For this to lớn work, every step had lớn be planned in advance because I wouldn’t have the luxury to redo many experiments.

We plan to camp a lot of the time.

planning to further my master degree in UK.

And I don’t smoke either & don’t plan to in the future.

It plans to nearly double capital expenditures on its supply chain in the next year, to $7.

plan to redo the entire project at the right time with much better resources and materials.

One is you have to ask the other lot if they want to go into it & nobody has và nobody plans to.

Fiach also plans to stage the work of the London Irish writer Martin McDonagh, who has also found success on Broadway.

Result: Even though the trains didn’t always run on time, we had a great time and visited all the places we had planned to.

But a source linked khổng lồ Sony did drop a line today saying that Sony plans to Release home and LittlebigPlanet on the same day.

I haven’t tried it yet, but I plan to the next time I make this dish! *I imagine you could use butter, but I haven’t tried it.

His death was mysterious, & seemed planned by observers.

These wars planned by the Israel lobby started 2001 and 2003.

The event was the first of a number of activities planned by the.

This special issue of CD was planned by CD’s Qubec collective members và coordinated by Andrea Levy.

Our way of life is not lượt thích the communist utopia where every minute of every day is planned by the party.

The War on Terrorism was planned by the US politicians long before the attacks of 9/11 in September 2001.

That plan is now complete and it includes two options for the WWLRT: Connect in lớn King Street as planned by the TTC.

My destiny has already been planned by God ahead of me cause am His heir & a partaker of His blessing in its fulness.

As indeed it does on the Fiscal Council which yesterday demanded an even more savage Budget than planned by the government.

The library at Alexandria was planned by Ptolemy I Soter & the project came khổng lồ fruition under his son Ptolemy II Philadelphus.

This includes planned as well as unplanned service disruptions.

You can buy both cash-back endowment plans as well as term insurance plans.

And I try to have something planned as a reward for the end of the lesson.

We would recommend treating the 41 per month/1GB of data plan as the entry-level option.

Regrettably, the band’s Japanese songs were not planned as part of the setlist for the evening.

So what are parents lớn do? Use party planning as a meaningful learning experience for children.

Nomusa Xaba (known affectionately as Mama Nomusa) took literally decades to complete what was originally planned as a book of poetry.

We originally had it planned as a short paper with more images & a bigger discussion but it got rejected in that form so we shortened it down.

The manual was released to be used in integrated environment planning as the counties undertake development programmes which might impact negatively on environment.

Media planning attracts rating, given current trends.

Housing is also planned at all levels of affordability.

I lượt thích creating, innovating and planning at high levels.

You will know of course that Budget 2013 is being planned at the moment, the cuts/taxes of 3.

Most of what they learn isn’t planned at the beginning — it just happens through the process.

The US investigators even said it was pre-planned at first, as the Egypt officials have always said.

Congressman Mike Rogers and Senator McCain among many others agree with the fact that it had lớn be a preplanned attack.

Clan reunions, festivals and various other events are being planned at local level to complement major national celebrations.

It is clear that this was a coordinated, well-planned attack by the Islamists that are now running amok in Libya, Egypt, Tunisia, etc.

Tanzania safaris Additional expeditions that can be planned at an extra charge consist of: directed voyage by air of the Conservancy and Mt.

Every inch of it lovingly planned with him in mind.

This also assumes you pick a Bronze plan (the plans with the lowest premiums.

On that year i replan my onother 5 years plan with calloborate with my carrer path.

Plan with a claimed trainer to apprentice what you should do and how you should vì chưng it.

Years of planning with the vision to live a life in service was drastically altered.

Its her past, it wasnt planned with you in mind & shouldnt upset you to lớn this extent.

Why should I bore myself at home? No one is going to stop me from enjoying this night I already planned with poor Ahmad.

Towey is critical of VA’s policy requiring primary care providers lớn raise the topic of advance care planning with all patients.

Medicare Advantage, by contrast, offers plans with reasonable out-of-pocket caps và deductibles eliminating the need for Medigap policies.

It’s so hard to plan with only 3 years per country! But people like you and La Lanka assure me it can be done! As for the tabs and drop down menu.

Forget pension plans from Insurance companies who will take your money & give you nothing in return.

Transmedia Planning from Faris & Brand Enthusiasm from John being two clear and very recent examples.

Since i got 30 days though, I’d planning from beforehand how i can use the tools so I can make the most out of them.

I think this is a very subjective area of discussion, and many people view estate planning from different perspectives.

That final 5 plot worked alot better than it really should have done, apparently none of them were planned from the off.

Since August local architect Mark Starford has been drawing up draft plans from the detailed measurements he took on that sunny day.

Insure My Trip – USA travellers offer 63 different travel insurance plans from 14 different companies – no other site has such product depth or comparison features.

Track Your Data Usage (using a third party app ): If you have an international data plan from your provider, you will want to know how much data you use so you don’t go over a certain limit.

However, if you vị not order an international voice and data plan from your provider, or if you accidentally go over the limit for the plan, the resulting phone bill could be an unpleasant surprise.

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Plan + v gì?

Plan thường đi cùng với các động tự sau:

be afoot Plans are afoot khổng lồ stage a new opera. | be aimed at sth The government launched a five-year plan aimed at diversifying the economy. | call dam have been shelved following protests.

show sth The plan shows the exact location of the house. for sth, envisage sth, involve sth The plan calls for investments totalling $100 million. | contain sth, include sth The plan contains four main elements. | succeed | fail, fall through, founder

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