I have a question that asks me khổng lồ find an algebraic expression for sin(arccos(x)). From the lone example in the book I seen they"re doing some multistep thing with the identities, but I"m just not even sure where khổng lồ start here. It"s supposed to lớn be $sqrt1-x^2$



Set $alpha=arccos x$. Since, by definition, $alphain<0,pi>$, you know that $sinalphage0$, so$$sinarccos x=sinalpha=sqrt1-cos^2alpha=sqrt1-(cosarccos x)^2=sqrt1-x^2$$


Let $arccos(x)= heta$

$x=cos( heta)$

You require $y=sin(arccos(x))=sin( heta)$

Identity: $cos^2( heta)+sin^2( heta)=1$



What is $arccos(x)$? it is the angle given by the ratio of sides of length $x$ và $1$. That is, on a triangle with adjacent side length $x$ and hypotenuse length $1$ we will find the angle $arccos(x)$.

(There is a picture for this which I hope you can get from what I describe).

Bạn đang xem: What is sin of arccos of x

Now what is $sin(y)$? It is the ratio of the opposite side to the hypotenuse of a triangle with angle $y$ in the respective part. So if we use $y=arccos(x)$, we have that $sin(y)$ is the ratio of the sides with degree given by a triangle whose adjacent and hypotenuse sides are length $x$ và $1$ respectively.

Since we have the adjacent & hypotenuse lengths, we can calculate the opposite sides length by the Pythagorean theorem. This means, if we use $z$ for the opposite side, that $z^2+x^2=1^2=1$. Solving for $z$ gives $z=sqrt1-x^2$.

Then $sin(y)$ is the ratio of the opposite size, $z=sqrt1-x^2$ & the hypotenuse, $1$. We may now say $sin(arcos(x))=sqrt1-x^2$.

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Draw a right triangle with one of the angles being $cos^-1 x$, then fill out the lengths of the sides of the triangle using the definition of cosine for two of the sides, & Pythagoras"s theorem for the third side. Then, use the definition of sine lớn find $sin(cos^-1 x)$. For questions lượt thích these, always try drawing a triangle first.

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$$y=sinarccos x$$$$x=cosarccos x$$

Therefore $x$ và $y$ are the sin and cos of the same angle and


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