The Gulf Research Meeting (GRM) offers a unique environment to explore matters of key importance khổng lồ the Gulf region & provides a platform for discussion & dissemination of research in a wide variety of Gulf-related fields, including economic và financial issues, international relations, security, environment, energy & renewable energy, as well as education, labour & social issues. Committed to lớn a high-level academic standard, the GRM"s objective is to lớn help generate solutions khổng lồ many of the region"s pressing challenges. The upcoming date for GRM 2023 will take place from July 13-15th Read More

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GRM 2022
This year’s GRM workshops cover a wide range of topics in the fields of politics, economics, energy, security và the wider social sciences as they relate to the wider Gulf region (GCC countries in addition khổng lồ Iraq & Yemen). You can click on each workshop lớn read its full description & instructions on how lớn register as a paper presenter or listening participant.

Workshop 1
Carbon Neutrality in the GCC: Between good-intentioned pledges & the harsh reality
More details
Workshop 2
Gulf States and the Indo-Pacific: Agents or Objects of Geopolitical Competition?
More details
Workshop 3
The Dimensions of Saudi Arabia’s Soft nguồn
More details
Workshop 4
Economic Statecraft, Coercion, và Resilience in the Gulf
More details
Workshop 5
Women in the GCC Socio-economic Contributions to the Urbanisation of Gulf Countries: Status, Challenges, Aspirations.
More details
Workshop 6
Challenges of Change và Transformation in the Gulf During COVID Times: Social, Economic and Political Dimensions
More details
Workshop 7
Living Together Separately: social and cultural implications of migration to lớn the GCC countries
More details
Workshop 8
Tourism, economic diversification & economic diplomacy: Lessons from the Arabian Gulf
More details
Workshop 9
Challenges in the COVID Environment: Lessons for Higher Education Reform in the Gulf
More details
Workshop 10
Gulf State donors across the humanitarian-development-peace nexus
More details
GRM 2022 Workshop

This year's GRM workshop directors come from a variety of esteemed institutions from both within and outside the Gulf.




Professional Lecturer và Resident Scholar -Director of the Program on Economics & Energy MIDDLE EAST INSTITUTE



Ram Sathe Chair for International Studies / Former Indian Ambassador lớn Saudi Arabia, Oman & the UAE - Symbiosis International University, Pune



Emeritus Professor of Middle East Politics Middle East Politics University of Exeter/Tsinghua University

Professor Degang


Professor & Deputy Director Middle East Studies Center for Middle Eastern Studies, Fudan University

Dr. Magdalena


Associate Professor - Zayed University
Dr. Neil


Associate Fellow - Chatham House - Middle East & North Africa Programme
Dr. Mark

C Thompson

Senior Research Fellow - King Faisal Centre for Research & Islamic Studies
Dr. Ahmed


Associate Professor of Public Policy Public Policy Qatar University


- International Institute for Strategic Studies (IISS)
Professor David B.


Professor -Security Near East South Asia Center for Strategic Studies
Dr. Elie


Associate Professor - Carleton University Canada
Dr. Reynaldo Gacho


Head of the Department of Business Administration - University of Technology and Applied Sciences (CAS-Ibri), Oman
Professor John


Professor of Psychology - Faculty of Science and Technology, Bournemouth University
Dr. Wael

Abdel Samad

Associate Professor of Mechanical Engineering - Rochester Institute of technology
Dr. Jean-Loup


Senior research fellow - National University of Singapore
Dr. Jonathan


Assistant professor of Political Science - Zayed University
Dr. Li-Chen


Assistant Professor Energy politics in Russia and GCC Khalifa University
Dr. Amr

Al Azm

Associate Professor - Qatar University
Dr. Nikolay


Research Associate Professor - Qatar University
Dr. Omar


- Gulf University for Science and Technology
Professor Daniela A.


Associate Professor of Architecture - Bond University
Professor Adina


Associate Professor - Zayed University
Dr. Hasan T


Research Fellow - International Institute for Strategic Studies
Dr. Ghassan


Assistant Professor & Programme Director - Doha Institute for Graduate Studies
Professor Sultan


Founding Director - Center for Conflict và Humanitarian Studies
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GRM 2022 photo gallery

Check out the GRM 2022 photo gallery.
Publisher: Routledge

The Arab Gulf States & the West. Perception và Realities - Opportunities và Perils

This book examines the relations and image of the Arab Gulf...
Publisher: Gulf Research Center Cambridge

GCC Relations with Post-War Iraq: A Strategic Perspective

This volume contains the contributions to lớn the Gulf Research...
Publisher: Gulf Research Center Cambridge

Housing Markets và Policy thiết kế in the Gulf Region

Housing is what creates and defines cities, and affordable h...
Publisher: Gerlach Press

Asia-Gulf Economic Relations in the 21st Century: The Local to Global Transformation

Asia constitutes the hub of the transformation of global eco...
Publisher: Gulf Research Center Cambridge

The Gulf and Latin America: An Assessment of Expectations and Challenges

Since the last decade of the 20th century, there has been an...
Publisher: Gerlach Press

Security Dynamics of East Asia in the Gulf Region

The Gulf region’s primary economic relationships are rapidly...
Publisher: Springer

Environmental Cost and Face of Agriculture in the Gulf Cooperation Council Countries

This volume presents the outcome of an Agriculture Workshop...
Publisher: Gerlach Press

State-Society Relations in the Arab Gulf States

This book examines the strategies & dynamics through which...
Publisher: Gerlach Press

The Political Economy of Energy Reform: The Clean Energy-Fossil Fuel Balance in the Gulf

Climate change requires coordinated global responses. All na...
Publisher: Gerlach Press

A New Gulf Security Architecture: Prospects và Challenges for an Asian Role

This book explores how growing economic ties between Asian c...
Publisher: Gerlach Press

Gulf Charities & Islamic Philanthropy in the “Age of Terror” and Beyond

“Gulf Charities and Islamic Philanthropy in the ‘Age of Terr...
Publisher: Gerlach Press

Islamic Finance: Political Economy, Performance và Risk (Three Volume Series)

This collection of new research brings together state of the...
Read more

Interested in participating?

You can either apply as a paper presenter or register as a listening participant.
Travel Information

No direct transport to & from Cambridge will be provided. More...


All participants are expected to arrive by the afternoon on Tuesday, July 21, 2021 and stay until ... More

Travel Allowence

The Gulf Research Meeting provides participants who present a paper with a travel allowance based on ... More


All those participants that require a visa for the UK must request a letter of invitation from us ... More


Participants pay for their own accommodation. There will be different price categories khổng lồ choose from ... More


The following meals are provided as part of the meeting More...

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