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WPS Office Writer (previously called Kingsoft Writer) is the không tính phí word processorthat comes bundled withWPS Office. Not only is it super easy khổng lồ use, it includes all the toolsyou"d expect lớn find in a word processor.

You might consider replacing your commercial word processor software lượt thích Word, with this one since it includes all the standard formatting abilities and works with the most popular document file formats.


Ribbon thực đơn style with tabbed interface.

Common and advanced formatting styles.

Automatic spell check.

Supports popular tệp tin formats like ones found in Word.

More Information on WPS Office Writer

Common formatting isallowed, such as organizing data in columns, changing the orientation of the page, aligning text and objects, adding a header and footer, overlaying a watermark, và using heading stylesEncryption is supported, which means when you save a document you can choose a custom encryption type & a unique password for opening the document, và anotherfor modifying itCommon objects can be inserted into a document, such as breaks, tables, shapes, pictures, WordArt, and text boxesAdvanced object formatting is allowed, lượt thích modifying the 3d effects, depth, direction, & lighting of an objectWPS Office Writer allows references lớn be included in a document, such as a table of contents and footnotes/endnotesPassword protected PDFfiles can be built from a document with specific permissions lượt thích restricting it from being modified, printed, orcopiedA side panel is included in WPS Office Writer khổng lồ make it easy lớn navigate through a long documentVarious skins (themes) are included, so you can quickly change the màu sắc of the entire program interfaceWPS Office Writer makes is really easy lớn make any page"s background apicture, pattern, color, gradient, or textureChanges lớn a document can be tracked to make it easy to review edits, or even restricted from being edited altogetherSave to your computer or WPS Cloud account

Thoughts on WPS Office Writer

WPS Office Writer is truly the best không tính phí word processor we've ever used. The entire layout and design of the program is so smooth & simple to understand.

It's great that popular tệp tin formats like DOC, DOCM, & DOCX are fully supported in WPS Office Writer. This means you don't need khổng lồ buy MS Office just khổng lồ use documents someone else created in Word.

Something we don't lượt thích is that you can't download just Writer. You must instead tải về the whole office suite và then select lớn only install the word processor portion.

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For WPS Office Writer lớn truly tower over all the other word processors available, it would need khổng lồ be offered in a portable form, likeOpenOffice Writer,so it could be carriedwith you on a flash drive. Aside from this pitfall, it"s still better than all the rest.