The smart đô thị agenda is envisioned lớn propel Cyberjaya into a sustainable city with smart infrastructure lớn meet economic, social, environmental & magmareport.netmunity needs.

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With the Smart City action Plan at its core, Cyberjaya is in alignment with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goal, with emphasis on building resilient infrastructure, promote inclusiveness and sustainable industrialisation while fostering innovation. This is also in tandem with Malaysia Smart đô thị Framework and Cyberjaya Low Carbon thành phố Framework.

First published in 2015, the Global công nghệ Hub agenda remains the driver and model city for subsequent participation of Smart thành phố policy at city, authority, state và national level. is actively in the forefront in pushing for the Smart city framework development. Cyberjaya remains a driver and model city in drafting & formalising of Smart đô thị policy documents at city-authority level, state and national level.

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Smart City & Its Focus Areas  

FunctionTo provide low carbon and energy efficient solutionsOrganisational StructureOrganisational StructureSmart Environment features two sub-categories:Resources/ Energy; & Mobility.Resources/ Energy refer to technologies which are used lớn improve efficiency of energy và resources usage.Smart Mobility refers to intelligent solutions to lớn improve transportation efficiency. Sample Projects Sample ProjectsEV charging stationiCycle recycling programme
FunctionTo increase & improve economic activities using smart và innovative technologies Organisational StructureSmart Economy is divided into Business và Job.Business involves using technology to improve the way businesses are run.e.g. Hyperlocal advertising uses digital technology to advertise a magmareport.netpany’s products & services in a more interactive way.Jobs refer khổng lồ solutions khổng lồ improve labour market efficiency.Sample Projects Sample Projectse-Job portal in collaboration with Jobstreet which brings together employers & job seekers in a more cohesive mannerSmart Retail Entrepreneur Centre REKASCAPECashless payment method adoption
FunctionTo improve unique of infrastructure including processes and governance to optimise efficiencyOrganisational StructureSmart Infrastructure is broken into Connectivity and Traffic.Connectivity refers to công nghệ which can be used khổng lồ improve digital connectivity, e.g. Widespread use of WifiTraffic refers khổng lồ use of công nghệ to improve efficiency in road và traffic usage.Sample Projects Sample ProjectsSmart Traffic Management và Smart Parking.
FunctionTo engage citizens & magmareport.netmunities participation in enhancing the quality of life Organisational StructureSmart Social consists of Security and Living. Security refers to technologies to lớn enhance safety within the magmareport.netmunitye.g. Smart security systems and video clip surveillance.Living refers to giải pháp công nghệ to enhance day-to-day đô thị living.Sample Projects Sample ProjectsUpmagmareport.neting: Use of open data to solve social problems or issues faced by the magmareport.netmunity
Building a Smart city for the magmareport.netmunity

The magmareport.netmunity is always at the heart of what we do. This is clearly reflected in our three smart đô thị objectives: